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April 2011

What is Disablement – Time to Review!

First Published: 5 April 2011    There are a great many injustices in the field of impairment & disablement. How well you fare in a DLA (Disability Pension) application depends upon the assistance you get in completing an application and the… Continue Reading →

Bullying is Everywhere – It is Endemic

Bullying is Everywhere and we can all be prone to it – It is Endemic and even celebrated by some Published: 3 April 2011 Bullying forms of behaviour leads to lowered self esteem, loss of confidence and eventually Suicidal Thinking. It… Continue Reading →

The Professions are Becoming Self Protecting at the Expense of Justice

Funding Cuts, Staffing Cuts & Risk Averse Policies are having a damaging toll on our Society. First Published: 3 April 2011   I have seen far too much abusive action towards vulnerable people of all kinds in the community to be… Continue Reading →

On Learning Disability, Autism & Psychosis.

First Published: 1 April 2011   Every child is unique and as a culture we are only at the beginning of that social understanding, looking for and enabling the qualities, rather than that which disables. Intellect is not the only powerful… Continue Reading →

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