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May 2017

The Death of Education, Therapeutic Social Work & Other Professions.

As a young teacher I thought it was about helping kids learn to learn & gain confidence in expressing themselves. As a young Social Worker I believed it was about social healing & enabling. 20 years ago I warned that… Continue Reading →

Fear Squared & the Influences of Classical Psychiatry, Religion & Politics

We live in fascinating and sometime horrific times and some of the News Stories got me thinking about the work I do and the many fearful people I meet, for all sorts of reasons and motivations. This is my meandering through the… Continue Reading →

A Social Psychology – The foundations of ‘Therapeutic Reframing’

This approach to Psycho-Social Therapy was quite radical by the 1980’s when I introduced it into a Therapeutic Community. It basic features are now incorporated into new branches of the Social & Biological sciences. The basic concepts are supported by Social Anthropology, Modern Genetics, Neuroscience… Continue Reading →

Transforming the Understanding Of Childhood Abuse

Transformational Understanding Of Childhood Abuse  The Knowledge that we and others have of those early experiences childhood abuse and other traumatic events, is largely pre-linguistic. It is of ‘concepts’ that are without adequate words. At the time there were aspects… Continue Reading →

Why are we so surprised when people get angry?

Have a heart – Listen past the Anger – of those abused, neglected and confounded by having to jumping through hoops to get the opportunities & support they are entitled to; so they can have a proper place in our communities.  Who… Continue Reading →

Back To Basics – War, Abuse & Mental Health Stigma:

I am determined to actively stand against abuse of any kind, by anyone, to anyone, of any age. Sometime we are abusive in our ignorance. That is bad enough. The worst kinds of abuses are done deliberately, by people who… Continue Reading →

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