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Not In My Name You Don’t

Not In My Name: Whether it’s US/NATO Bombing of the Middle East (& elsewhere) since WWII; 68 years of Criminal Actions of Israel upon Palestinians & its Neighbours; the Clandestine, Destabilising & False Flag actions of Secret Services Agencies, or… Continue Reading →

Collective Madness (MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction)

It is no exaggeration to say that we now experience a form of ‘Collective Madness’. Paranoia, Denial & Projection rule our lives. 1) Irrational Fear arises out of repeated, often exaggerated, reports of incidents of terrorism and crimes which are often… Continue Reading →

A Case of the Empresses New Clothes (The ones the World Sees Through)

I don’t know if it is more reasonable to say we are living in a time of Economic Chaos, or that the Actions & Consequences of Governments are very predictable but highly delusional and potentially catastrophic. You decide!   I am… Continue Reading →

Update on Unitary Authorities Devolving of Assets & Liabilities to Local Councils

Wiltshire Council is a ‘Unitary Authority’: Calne Town Council is one of the Local Councils and Communities affected by Wiltshire decisions concerning the requirement placed upon them to ‘Devolve’ these Assets & Liabilities. They are actually holding on to the… Continue Reading →

Important Notice to All UK Communities & Local Councils

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Affecting all people in Wiltshire and elsewhere in the UK. County Councils & Unitary Authorities are having their Government Grant Aid reduced & their Spending’ capped. Those Councils that are Tory run usually comply with the Government and… Continue Reading →

Wiltshire Community Resources are at Risk

Time for United Community Action. Wiltshire Unitary Authority (Wiltshire Council) took on the responsibility for Managing many of the Community Resources of the previous District Councils, who had (in turn) taken on responsibility for many of the resources developed by Town… Continue Reading →

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