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Radical Perspectives

Not In My Name You Don’t

Not In My Name: Whether it’s US/NATO Bombing of the Middle East (& elsewhere) since WWII; 68 years of Criminal Actions of Israel upon Palestinians & its Neighbours; the Clandestine, Destabilising & False Flag actions of Secret Services Agencies, or… Continue Reading →

Collective Madness (MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction)

It is no exaggeration to say that we now experience a form of ‘Collective Madness’. Paranoia, Denial & Projection rule our lives. 1) Irrational Fear arises out of repeated, often exaggerated, reports of incidents of terrorism and crimes which are often… Continue Reading →

Wiltshire Community Resources are at Risk

Time for United Community Action. Wiltshire Unitary Authority (Wiltshire Council) took on the responsibility for Managing many of the Community Resources of the previous District Councils, who had (in turn) taken on responsibility for many of the resources developed by Town… Continue Reading →

Mental Sanitation – Kills 99% of all known hopes

Most serious Mental Ill Health is ‘reactive’ (from social consequence). Contrary to ‘Classical’ Psychiatric Opinion, very few are due to a neurological weakness, genetic, or other biological malfunction. Many ‘biological’ malfunctions can also be due to any form of physical,… Continue Reading →

Therapeutic Social Work – Alternative to State Control

The Role of Therapeutic Social Work: I have worked therapeutically with mental health, learning disability, acquired brain injury, drug & alcohol and dementia services for most of my working life. My Colleagues and I have succeeded in helping people remain… Continue Reading →

Failures in Human Rights of People with Learning Disabilities

Failures in Human Rights of People with Learning Disabilities  (40 years after ‘Better Services’ reforms) I am currently experiencing some very aggressive criticisms and disciplinary process because of my continuing attempts to present a fair & representative case for people… Continue Reading →

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