This Image is not ‘Syria’. It is the bombardment of Palestinian Civilians by the State of Israel – The Chemical Weapon being used is Geletenous Phosphorus, banned as a chemical weapon for use on civilians.

Be Informed – Britain, The USA, France & Israel are Hypocrites:

The image here is the use of ‘Chemical Weapons’ by Israel on Palestinian Civilians. Phosphorous is a banned weapon for use on Civilians.

The form the Israelis use produces the Gas Phosphagen used in the first world war trenches by the Germans. It causes injury to lungs and can irritate the skin, eventually causing permanent Injury and death.

Israel drops &  spreads it in the form or gelatinous pellets, which operate a bit like Napalm (developed by Monsanto & used by US military in Vietnam). It sticks to the skin and spontaneously bursts into flames in contact with the air.

The British, USA, & Israel have used Chemical Weapons, including the very dangerous ‘Spent Uranium’, in the most recent wars. This produces birth defects in US Military Personnel as well as that of Civilian Victims.

Theresa May, Donald Trump, Macron & Netanyahu are total hypocrites to even criticise the possible use of Chemical Weapons by Syria, never mind doing so without credible evidence or waiting for the OPCW investigation (already in Syria

It is all in the definition, just like the fake claims of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, used to justify the invasion of Iraq. We use Chemicals & we are developing Biological Weapons right now

What is more, the USA, UK, France Israel have stockpiles of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in the form of Nuclear Arms & High Yield Explosives, already used on civilian areas across the world?

The UN & International Agreements are about ‘Stockpiling Chemical Weapons’, not prohibiting their development and storage. Any arrangement barring research and development is not in US & UK Interests.

Add to this hypocrisy the fact that previous claims of use of ‘Chemical Weapons’ by Syria were found to be fake (involving the White Helmets Organisation invented by a Retired Military Expert).

Furthermore, The OPCW has since investigated the area and spoken to witnesses. No evidence of chemical weapons were found and some witnesses said they saw the whole scene & video being staged (as on previous Occasions.

There was evidence in the past ‘Fake Claims’ that the US-Backed Rebels had used Chemical Weapons, using ‘Barrels’ driven into civilian areas on trucks. Hense the Idea of Barrel Bombs.

This US-NATO claim and military action are about ‘Regime Change’ of a Nation that refuses to bow to US Pressure, just like all the others wars that the US have instigated across the world. US-NATO are the original Terrorists.

The civil war they have created in Syria has brought it Foreign Mercenaries and has cause 1/2 million deaths and incredible hardship and damage to the Syrian People. Its Wars in Iraq, Lybia also produced ISIS, who thereby obtained US & Israeli Weaponry.

Just think for one minute – The Syrian & Russian Armies are winning their battle against ISIS and the US-Backed criminals/terrorists, in spite of the US & NATO failures in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East & Far East for years.

Why would Syria use Chemical Weapons on their own people, in the area that they & Russians were about to liberate (as they have now done) and where their own soldiers were in the vicinity.

You know this whole Fake Story stinks and is clearly an excuse t USA & Britain to do what they have done for years now – Invade, Destabilise and Steal Resources from other Nations – In, what they both claim to be ‘Their Interests’.

The Actions of the USA, France, Britain & Israel, in respect of Syria are ‘Criminal’, Unlawful in terms of the ICC, The Hague, the UN’s Security Council and UN’s Treaty on Human Rights.

The attack was NOT sanctioned by UN (just like in the previous wars the USA and Britain have conducted and which have turned out to be a Humanitarian Disaster, worse than the situation they claimed to exist under the ‘Regimes; they made enemies of.

Further Considerations:

I only trust the Russians & Syrians in the case of this latest allegation, because their assertions make more sense and the history of previous similar claims (Using the White Helmets claims) have been completely debunked.
Syria and Russia are winning where the US & NATO have failed. Why would Syria use Chemical Weapons on an area they are about to take back from US-Backed Rebels, putting their own men in danger as they entered the area.
The US, UK & Israeli Political & Media Assertions simply don’t make sense. The did not wait ‘one day’ for the OPCW to investigate.
The UK Government did not wait one day for Parliament to re-sit to get a Parliamentary decision on a matter that is basically a ‘Crime’ in international law and not supported by the UN Security Council, or in the meaning of Human Rights Treaty
It sounds more like they wanted to get in quick and destroy another Syrian Installation, get bogus media attention and in the process try and destroy any evidence that may prove the was not Chemical Warfare material stockpiled there.
If there were Chemical Weapons ‘Stockpiled ‘ on those sites, wouldn’t the US British & French Air Strike put civilians in the area in serious danger for miles around?
Quite, Frankle, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise that the US-NATO argument just does not hold water and is simply another excuse for Regime Change so the US Corporations can once more gab all the assets and enslave another population to US Corporate interests.
Now that fits the pattern of recent history more than the Fake News of Syria’s use of Chemical Weapons, for which they have provided no direct & independent evidence.