It is no exaggeration to say that we now experience a form of ‘Collective Madness’. Paranoia, Denial & Projection rule our lives.

1) Irrational Fear arises out of repeated, often exaggerated, reports of incidents of terrorism and crimes which are often provoked, or enables by our own collective actions & inactions, so that fear then rules our lives. 

2) We fail to recognise, acknowledge and deal with the part that we collectively and individually play in creating these problems, refusing to accept responsibility for our part, individually & collectively, in creating them and thus failing to deal with them adequately.

3) Rather than accept at least partial responsibility, we collectively point the finger at everyone else, convincing ourselves that they are all ‘out to get us’. This feeds back into those initial irrational fears, generated by those in denial (or deliberately lying to themselves and/or others – Paranoia/Propaganda).

Such repetitive cycles of Mental Illness are ‘Hysterical’ in character the fears feedback into themselves (a bit like sound ‘feedback’, or hysteresis) which eventually leads to a Psychotic Breakdown. Does that ring any bells?