We live in fascinating and sometime horrific times and some of the News Stories got me thinking about the work I do and the many fearful people I meet, for all sorts of reasons and motivations. This is my meandering through the ‘Valleys of the Shadow of Death & Fear’. Food for thought on the part Fear plays in so many aspects of our lives – Worse still is Fear of Fear itself.

This is a long essay, but that is what happens when I get inspired. The Brutal treatment of Palestine is central in my thoughts at the moment, but the treatment of the innocent citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria Congo, Sudan, Japan, The Americas and other places are not so far behind. I hope you can enjoy these reflections and accept them as they are intended; as a call to truth, reconciliation, transparency and a therapy for us all.

Why is it that so many Jewish and Muslim people (in particular) and Politicians & Professionals of all kinds, are so frequently  sensitive to criticism? Why are we sometimes too sheepish to question, or criticise, especially what is sometimes done in the name of Judaism, Islam, or any Political or Expert Authorities of today? It is ironic, because I know that many Jews & Muslims have the very same fears, often more pronounced and for good reason.

I have periodically criticised my Jewish roots for its flaws & apostasy, especially during it’s earlier history; my Catholic roots for its periodic barbarism; The Christian Religions & Sects for their mistaken adherence to ‘murderous’ old testaments and later the Burning of Witches (or the ‘Possessed’) in the name of God. Of course, I realised, all Religions have had their Cults & Sects. All have had Apostasy and Political Ambitions.

I am even comfortable (like many Muslims) to criticise extremist Islam for it corruption of the ‘Word of Allah’ and the ‘Wisdom of Muhammad’, even under threat of assassination. I am certainly critical of the distortions of those words of wisdom that demand ‘we should kill all infidels’.  These edicts are regressive and often complete distortions. Most good people, of all faiths, know it. We are all from the same roots of humankind.

Why is there this problem with the public criticism of the brutal or dishonest actions of those who call themselves Jews, Muslims, or Christians (or any other faith for that matter)? Are we not supposed to reflect on our own and others actions, especially ‘In Our Name’? Should we not be constantly considering the morality and ethics of actions undertaken ‘in our name’, either as Citizens of a Nation or Followers of a Faith, or a Profession?

It is given that some bigoted people who criticise religions are Anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic and/or Racist in general. Such people will take any opportunity to slander everyone who does not comply entirely with their own limited, corrupted beliefs (or disbelief). It is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from those who make genuine criticisms, but should that excuse be used to quell all criticisms? Is that not Unethical (if not unlawful).

Are we not discriminating enough to know when it is our own thoughts and deeds being criticised, or when it is those statements and deeds of some of our brethren. It is a strange position that I find myself as a ‘Radical’ (Critical Thinker) who has worked in the field of mental health for years. This problem of fear of criticism is rooted there also and those who criticise are often judged as being too inexperienced, stupid, deranged, or incompetent (in not so many words).

Classical Psychiatry has barely managed to evolved out from the corrupted religious notions of ‘Possession by Devils & Demons’. The classification of psychiatric conditions is very crude and largely unscientific. The criteria used are compare against, and even promote,  a very narrow band of ‘normality’ that rarely takes full account of evolved ways of thinking, learned ways of perceiving and organised ethnic and cultural differences 

Then Freud arrived on the scene and developed therapeutic techniques that were very appropriate for those within the communities he worked; which were largely Jewish, or with typically Jewish cultural values an ideas. His ideas were radical and beneficial for those communities, particularly in dealing with neurosis. Others with similar dispositions benefited, but features understood as ‘psychosis’ were not really catered for.

What we then see is a synthesis of Judeo-Christian thinking and beliefs, incorporated into the so called ‘modern’ Psychiatry. This essentially meant that all professional thinking followed the ‘possession’ model for psychosis and the ‘hysterical’ model for neurosis. These effectively became the ‘norm’ for judging all behaviour and thoughts that did or did not fit the narrow band of Judeo-Christian, average modern western thinking and experiencing.

This was not just established as the ‘norm’ for judging ‘dysfunction’ but also the ‘norm’ for advancing child development, child education and social care. Further more it forms the basis of much professional and management training of all kinds. This powerful Psychiatric force has meant that many people with ethnic, cultural and spiritual differences (which they are perfectly comfortable with in context) are judged within an alien frame of reference that is fundamentally old world Judeo-Christian.

As you can imagine, this feels perfectly ‘normal’ for the average practitioner and they now make marginal adjustments for ethnicity (they tick the appropriate box on the ethnicity record). These Judeo-Christian values are quite fundamentalist and insidious and they are incorporated into the development of Legislation (which considers ‘states of mind’) and the interpretation of what is said and done in relation to the evidence presented under those Laws.

At this point I make not judgement as the spiritual origins of this incorporated bias. It would be equally unsound if Psychiatry had developed from and was influenced by what is ‘normal’ thinking and behaviour from a fundamentalist Islamic set of values. This is especially true where these were used to deduce mental state by virtue of thoughts and conduct of those who are alien to that particular faith & culture.

A few more short steps before we get to the real crux of the problems that this ‘evolution’ of Psychiatry generates.  There are a great many cultural, ethnic and spiritual frames of reference we could discuss, where many ‘principles’ of psychiatry would be challenged. Also; the ‘qualifying’ for Psychiatry’ requires one to follow this Judeo-Christian model contained within a western clinical model of ‘physical’ medicine. It largely comes down to the physical dysfunction in the end (a big error).

The crux is that all Western and increasingly Eurasian, Middle Eastern, Asiatic and African and other Commonwealths are progressively reliant upon this model of judging mental health and mental ill health; acceptable behaviours and unacceptable behaviour, with very little tolerance for ‘context’ of that thinking and behaviour. There is a gradual ‘induced’, generalised perspective on normal / abnormal thoughts and behaviours, without proper consideration of the ‘fuller or wider social context’.

Any ‘assessed’ mental, emotional & spiritual thinking or behaviours that cannot be explained within a narrow band of average Judeo-Christian (modified) doctrine of Psychiatry is ‘diagnosed’ as being due to a physical abnormality of brain or a mental dysfunction. This can arise ‘somewhere along the line’ and considered to manifest as a result of an assumed an organic problem, requiring clinical treatment, where this can be shown to modify thoughts and behaviour in this narrow, ‘socially defined’ way.

Almost anything ‘organic’ or and ‘physical trauma’ that ‘pops up’ in the patients history ‘will do’ and can then incorporate and further include all ‘assessed’ dysfunctional features of that particular person / case. So some physically manifested condition (real or mentally or culturally manufactured) with some ‘deviant’ (by culturally biased criteria) mental features, can used to encompass all observed mental and behavioural deviations as a ‘diagnosis’ with a largely prescribed ‘prognosis’, based upon the therapists ‘cultural expectations’.

This formalised ‘diagnosis’ usually then includes the ‘consequential’ behaviours and expressed thoughts of ‘inherent misdiagnoses’ of otherwise ‘non-dysfunctional’ features like ’reactive anger’, ‘reactive paranoia’ and ‘reactive depression’. These manifestations are, in fact, the consequence of disrespectful social responses and then the resulting ‘disempowering’ clinical treatment within this ‘indoctrinated’ culture.  What is normal in that person’s wider cultural understanding & reactions of a wider experiential normality is now perceived as part of ‘their’ dysfunctional problem.

If we contemplate now the implications of this powerful force of irrational intellect, with little scientific underpinning and substantial Judaeo-Christian bias of thinking, within which these clinical models we have developed and given all that I have said before; there are some serious errors that have been made which impact upon mental health, education, child and adult development, political thinking, the Law and social Policy within any culture. Further more, without loosing any of these prejudices; each culture that uses the discipline of ‘psychiatry’ to incorporates their own prejudices.

The social systems (professionals & institutions of all kinds and sheepish citizens) that then judges these ‘conditions’ and all other public behaviours, already have these prejudices incorporated into the thinking of its developmental & educational, medical, legal and social care professions and institutions. As a consequence the practitioners within these professions and institutions can become very defensive of any criticism and are quite convinced of the validity and established credibility of these prejudicial mental inventions.

These ‘theories’ are, in fact, institutionalised defence mechanism that protect the collective institutions and body of professionals, every bit as ‘invented’ as those we each develop to help make us feel mentally safe and secure within a largely fear driven culture. Rationales that tell us we are right and others are wrong – the ‘God is on my side’ ways of thinking that of the “If you are not with us you are against us” Brigade. Mostly Nationalistic and Patriotic. Does this ring any bells now?

If you want some evidence of this ‘dysfunction  of social institutions you just need to consider the way that Psychiatry and Legislation (and interpretation of Law that is somewhat dependent upon it) is corrupted in Nazi, Communist and many Fundamentalist Belief systems and associated institutions, affecting institutional thinking throughout the world (those others). The big worry is the ‘denial’ that we (In Western Cultures) incorporated these prejudiced ideas right from the beginning.

Some Judaic traditions and upbringing have very strong judgmental, moralistic and legalistic features, as do Bible Thumping, Old Testament Christian traditions. Things are ‘Black and White an interesting assertion itself. That in its self would be fine, apart from the unhealthy irrational prejudices that invariably creep in (especially when some measure of significant power is achieved). When the ideas corrupt it becomes ‘them and us’, ‘narrow band’ intolerance and blatant prejudice.

Other belief and cultures can and do become distorted in this way, but they do not have the wide impact on the word that Judeo-Christian thinking & beliefs do. That Judaic cultural belief system is so close to the ‘Catholic’ indoctrination that there are few complaints and a large measure of complicity (all be it mostly unconscious). These cultural belief systems are paranoiagenic and are mostly ‘fear based’; If you are not good you will get a slap (God or Dad).and go to hell (abandoned by God).

In the 1960’s through to the 1980’s it was possible, with some considerable struggle and much professional resentment, to challenge established developmental and psychiatric views and professionally practice with highly modified therapeutic methods. It was possible to obtain consistent and significant improved recoveries and readjustments of people who had been identified to have intransigent and deep rooted psychiatric problems (esp. psychoses) and even recognised organic conditions.

It was possible to operate by helping to ‘reframe’ a person’s problem in their own cultural and experiential terms, letting them take the lead and even ‘reframe’ in terms of their chosen ‘subculture’. The result is quite impressive and sometimes dramatic, but do not necessarily equate to what classical psychiatry and social convention would equate to a ‘cure’. The person may go away with many of the same thoughts and behaviour, but feel safer with them and have greater insight into prejudiced reactions.

This makes all the difference to people. It can ‘flip’ someone from an agitated, angry and paranoid state into a state of recognition of the validity of their experience; richness of creative ideas; wealth of alternative perspectives and valuing of their intelligence & insightful perspective on society. It even allows them to appreciate the failings of many ordinary people (including the professions) by comparison with their on now validated perspectives.

It is literally that simple, even for people with a recognised ‘dysfunctional aspect. It is amazing that something so simple can be missed & dismissed, time after time, but that is explainable by the same mechanisms I have explained. These are self fulfilling prophesies, Catch 22’s, fear generated reactions and institutionally incorporated paranoid & delusional ways of thinking; such that no one person within a sickened culture (apart from the culturally sane) looks out of step and therefore ‘normal’.

The opportunity to work in this way, within any formal institution, is now almost impossible. Since the 1980’s there had been a further entrenchment of paranoid and delusional ‘institutionalised’ thinking. It is as if the professionals are under siege, all of them; Health, Social Care & Social Work, Child Protection, the Legal Professions, Policing & Security, Military, establishment and even Communities themselves. Fears of all kinds rule most Westerner’s lives, but mostly in the US, UK and Israel.

The US Right represent the strongest of these dark, fear ridden and fear generating forces. The ‘melting pot’ that mostly produce the great developments of ideas and technologies for the majority in the 20 Century also generated the darkest, secretive and collusive forces, brought together by the same mechanisms that brought together those from every part of the world  who sought freedom of expression and belief. 

Most of us look on the ‘old testaments’ of any faith and belief as ‘symbolic’; remaining there for fear of damnation if it were removed (ripping out pages is blasphemy), we see these remaining pages mostly as a warning of the evils that ensue if we let down our guard; or perhaps to give us permission to act ‘out of character’ when under serious threat to our cultures and beliefs. These other people use them as the fundamentals for their daily thinking and professional & political actions.

Such truly dysfunctional people use these ‘Histories’ and any other ‘magical texts’ as justifications for their selfish and destructive natures and behaviours (Psychopathic Natures). Little wonder that Nationalist, Patriots, Fascists, Nazi, Zionist, Mafia, Demonists and many other Psychopathic & Sociopathic grouping coalesce in this way. They find solace in each others company and (like prisoners with time on their hands) plot together to get their own back on the societies and cultures that rejected and misunderstood them, planning cleaver schemes and ‘scenarios’.

These things that are symbolically contained on the old parchments and age stained page are not dissimilar to the vampires and other monsters that is contained within a book, or the cinema screen. As viewers we can get an insight into these ‘monsters’ and even ‘act out’ these roles in a safe and protected way; by way of fashion, art, music and drama. Much as these things are criticised they do have therapeutic value.

In this way people exorcise the particular demons that we all have and make them mostly safe and ‘in their box’ so to speak, only to come out when under serious threat or perceived by circumstances to be so. That is not true of the Psychopath or the Sociopath, who are not seen as ‘mentally ill’, because they are not ‘treatable’. This is a rather convenient conclusion, considering many people are ‘treated’ by drugs for ‘conditions’ that actually require no ‘treatment’, if considered more widely and intelligently.

Freud used his cultural background and community engagements, then borrowed other European & Middle Eastern mythologies to explain his culturally flavoured perspective on mental ill health (Ego & Id). That was valid for his time and culture and still has some validity. I do not criticise that. He was a creative Genius and just incorporated the conventions of the time. His aspirations to be scientific, however, were flawed and most academic accept that.

What is more worrying is some the ‘’copycat’ Neo-Freudians, who do not have his intellect and make a ‘pigs ear out of a silk purse’. This is where this all comes together with the Young’s concept of the ‘shadow side’ which is straight out of Judeo-Christian early mythology. His ideas are perfect for understanding all European and Eastern cultures and beliefs, each having their dark side, their early black magic’.

In good old Judeo-Christian Old Testament traditions you simply reward those who most think like you and punish or ignore (ostracise/exclude/expel/imprison/exile) those who think differently. This is classical operant conditioning, used in refined form within torture and advertising of every kind. It is all a form of threat and intimidations, with nice music and imagery, conveying threatening messages with a grain of truth, masses of logic and pretty little substance on which to build.

Watch the Adverts use of ‘Fear of’: Pain, Germs, Old Age, Illness, Crime, Poverty, Unemployment, Terrorism, Crime, Rejection, Infidelity, Fines, Criminal Records, Social Isolation, Stupidity, Unfashionable, Fat, Thin, Ugly and so on. Little that is fundamental has really changed, just some of the rationales and justifications used, so as to make them appear more politically correct. Old ideas in modern packaging.

There is good money to be made out of natural, primitive Fear and Greed. All that the manipulators have to do is ‘activate’ those primitive centres of our brains; persistently reinforce the fear reactions to these ‘word stimuli and associated images and sounds. Those with adequate money will go spend and they and others will attend to those things they are induced to do. Squirrel instinct adequately explains the greed. Have you noticed the prevalence of money making scans and adverts for gambling?

Let us get this straight. Zionism is a term that some quack invented and then laid down a whole bunch of hateful but fearful edicts, that could be used to manipulate a whole mix of good & bad people to do some evil things; using these ‘symbolic’ texts and ancient ‘fear magic’. In this way he could get some to believe this would deliver them to their ‘destiny’.  He had many pathological friends from every sphere of influence.

Other belief systems did the same and we get Fascism, Nazis, Pol Pot and others joining up with Fundamentalist Catholicism, Voodoo and a whole bunch of powerful but destructive magic from the past, with even more to come. The Term Zionism may have a strong Jewish tradition background, but it is actually little different to the Old Testament of the Right Wing Fundamentalist Christian movements of which Fascism and Nazism are derivatives.

All of these Supremacist, Racist and Elitist in their own ways and will refer to and quote anything that they feel supports their ideas with a little bit of intellectual leverage. Even established academic texts are tarnished this way. And so we have the foundations for a more than adequate logical and scientific explanation of the social behaviours and institutional trends. I do not have time to go into the theoretical details here, but they are available in draft form on my website:

It is of little wonder, therefore, that whole Communities, Nations and Subcultures can appear to become paranoid and delusional; ‘mad’, with most people just going along with what they are told and doing unspeakable things to each, other while others see it as not their business to ‘interfere’.  There are still ‘taboos’ and magic words, rituals with symbolism, geared to establish group cohesion and these are used for both evil and good purposes. They are obvious enough if you step outside the box for a while.

We have been conditioned and now largely work together, within these new prejudices to collude with, to reinforce and to maintain what we have; for fear that what we get as a result of complaining will be even worse. Those manipulating will ensure will happen, in as much as we continue to give them that power to do so. The conditioning and bullying mechanisms are plain enough and only the ignorant and deluded are unable to perceive them.

Like an alcoholic, those drunk on power have to “hit their own rock bottom”. Let’s bring that day on for them, before these fools destroy us all.

My reference for my general thesis and this essay, are all good people I have met, within and outside these systems; working for and being served by these various social institutions. People who are capable of maintain more than a single selfish perspective. Those ridiculed people who can put themselves in the shoes of others, then walk a thousand miles in them, without complaining of their sore feet and still go back for the stragglers. Those who carrying their own burden and who are concerned for the burdens of others. I have met them all, mentally broken and learning disabled.

God bless you all for your intelligence of mind, heart and spirit and an openness to the pain, suffering and needs of others – which knowingly makes you vulnerable to the wickedness and bullying of others. We will fight to ensure that you and your children’s generation will be rewarded upon the earth, not just in heaven.


For the ‘purist’ Academic and Intellectual:

What is the use of intellect if it is devoid of compassion, for compassion and passion, its more energetic partner, are the forces within us that drive us to advance leaning, insight and true wisdom.

It is one thing to remove personal bias and cultural ignorance from our academic and intellectual scribblings. Whenever we remove essence of humanity itself, knowledge becomes merely broken fragments and tattered threads of the original substance we are studying.

For now we focus upon Palestine, as it’s suffering has been long and deep, with this last phase of occupation (after the UK promise of Liberty) of 54 long, Painful, Powerless, Disabling, Humiliating, Apartheid, Ethically Cleansing, Murderous years. Shame on you Israel.

We have not forgotten you other Brothers and Sisters elsewhere. When our Brothers are free here we will come join you and your own forces for good; good Brothers, Sisters and cousins in; Congo, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Ceylon, US, Europe Asia and else where.

We will search for and listen out for you who are oppressed anywhere, without regard for numbers and labels. Other Brothers and Sister, who are now liberating themselves from Tyranny, will join us. We will become such a force for good that no pathological man will put us down.

Least we forget; ‘Never Again’ by anyone to the smallest of ethnic groups, even to a single person, isolated without justifiable cause.

Our one true Spirit of God who speaks to each of us, in our own language and culture and in a still quiet voice, will help lead us to where you are and we will do our best to undo the injustice and suffering that is imposed upon you, by those who follow any evil path, or no moral or ethical path that at all. Those we miss will not be forgotten.

Further References:

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(2) Bloggers & Social Networking is Working for People Everywhere

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead (Anthropologist & Feminist)       

“Do not underestimate the power that you can wield through the use of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and principle of ‘6 Degrees of Separation’.” – Terry Couchman.

It is the same picture all over the West now – A few rotten apples; some of them in positions of petit-power, some in serious positions of power. They damage the reputations of others. It needs exposing. Please keep ‘SHARING’ and asking to ‘SHARE ON’. People who trust us will do this and the effect is very powerful, very quickly.

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If none of this moves you then you are dead from the waist upwards :- )

And many more Songs, Plays, Poems, Books, Films – and some many more individual Stories and images.