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Chemical Weapons Use – No not on Syrians, but used on Palestinians by Israel

This Image is not ‘Syria’. It is the bombardment of Palestinian Civilians by the State of Israel – The Chemical Weapon being used is Geletenous Phosphorus, banned as a chemical weapon for use on civilians. Be Informed – Britain, The… Continue Reading →

If I Ruled the World (Every man would be as free as a bird?)

      Images of Childhood Education My Treatise on Empires. I was Born in 1948 when Britain still had an ‘Empire’. We were proud of it and were taught of its virtues. As a ‘Commonwealth’ those values are still extolled. History… Continue Reading →

“Growing up in an Autistic World”

         “Growing up in an Autistic World” – But is it My Autistic World or The Autistic World of Others? My story here cannot be much more than likened to skimming a pebble across the pond of… Continue Reading →

Not In My Name You Don’t

Not In My Name: Whether it’s US/NATO Bombing of the Middle East (& elsewhere) since WWII; 68 years of Criminal Actions of Israel upon Palestinians & its Neighbours; the Clandestine, Destabilising & False Flag actions of Secret Services Agencies, or… Continue Reading →

Collective Madness (MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction)

It is no exaggeration to say that we now experience a form of ‘Collective Madness’. Paranoia, Denial & Projection rule our lives. 1) Irrational Fear arises out of repeated, often exaggerated, reports of incidents of terrorism and crimes which are often… Continue Reading →

A Case of the Empresses New Clothes (The ones the World Sees Through)

I don’t know if it is more reasonable to say we are living in a time of Economic Chaos, or that the Actions & Consequences of Governments are very predictable but highly delusional and potentially catastrophic. You decide!   I am… Continue Reading →

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