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My Treatise on Empires.

I was Born in 1948 when Britain still had an ‘Empire’. We were proud of it and were taught of its virtues. As a ‘Commonwealth’ those values are still extolled.

History is said to be written by the Victors. Well, I actually ‘Qualified’ at school in History, but in my school, we were taught the history of all Empires since the Egyptian & Roman Empires.

With that, I was also taught of the history Invasions of Britain and of all major Religions. There is a strong relationship between Empires & Religion of all kinds.

God or the Gods are with us. A very common claim of the Victors. And by Victors we mean, of course, those who won the wars of Invasion & Occupation.

Thankfully, with a natural critical perspective and an ability to understand ‘context’, supported by some good teachers. I realised there was a rather ‘Uncivilised’ aspect to our so-called ‘Civilizations.

Most Empires were either lead by people who saw themselves as Gods (Emperors) or else saw themselves as Gods Emissaries on Earth (Kings & Queens).

If you or I stood up and claimed ourselves to be Gods, or Gods Emissaries, seeking to clean the world of Unbelievers or converting people to our belief, we would be institutionalized.

And so it goes, that vast numbers of the Populations ruled, by, Invaded by and/or Occupied by these Ruling Elites were convinced that

Notwithstanding that we have a right to believe what we wish of supernatural entities; the idea that they operate through human beings in our interests, while we are somewhat oppressed by them, even unto death, has to be recognised as a kind of Collective Madness.

Well, thankfully I grew up and put away childish things and naive childish notions, while still being fascinated by the diversity of Cultures and religions.

Basically, History is written by the victors because they seek to Divide & Rule, getting one side (those who bear allegiance to the Powers that be, for some reward) to kill or oppress and enslave those who think differently.

Of course, we are told (by those who win) that this is the natural order of things until they lose to some other ‘Power that Be’, who (hopefully) chooses them to be the followers of the New Order.

Is this starting to make sense to you? All we have to do is be part of a group that is in favour with the next invader or otherwise Occupying or Controlling Influence of our Nation or Culture and fulfills its prophecy.

Alternatively, we could, as an individual, set about putting ourselves up as a Godlike Figure, of find some other convincing Godlike Figure, then set about convincing a population of our superiority and get them to do our job for us.

That job would, of course, include raising taxes to enrich ourselves (so that we can look and act the part) and to set up armies of people to do our will and fight for our cause, expanding our dominion and spreading the word.

Does that all make sense so far?

Next, we have to deal with the rebels, you know those irritating upstarts that say there is a better God, a better way, or that we don’t need a leader, perhaps even those that say we can rule ourselves?

There are even those with philosophical, intelligent, well worked out and convincing ideas like Cooperation, Liberty and Democracy.

What do we do with these rebels, who often become Terrorists, resisting our God Given rights (and the God-given, or natural, superior rights of our Leaders)?

Well, we can, of course, take our lessons from how Great Leaders have dealt with this in the past. Make examples of these upstarts. Inform the people of their intentions to Deceive, Oppress and Undermine our Rule of Law.

People clearly need Leaders and we must establish a Strong & Stable Government to maintain order and expand our influence across other Nations & Cultures.

It is essential to show them the errors of their ways and what modern, civilized methods of commerce, trade and government and do for them, if they help us to deal with the unbelievers, those who would have us into Anarchy and Tyranny.

Are you with me now?

(As they say, there is one born every minute).

No doubt there is more to come. Give me some feedback about where I may be going wrong in my campaign to Rule the World LoL

Hopefully, If I get this right, there will be more questions than answers 🙂