IMPORTANT NOTICE – Affecting all people in Wiltshire and elsewhere in the UK.

County Councils & Unitary Authorities are having their Government Grant Aid reduced & their Spending’ capped.

Those Councils that are Tory run usually comply with the Government and reducing the services they provide to the Counties & Local Authorities, rather than further increase Council Tax / Rates.

This will mean that Towns and Parishes will loose many critical Local Services unless those more Local Councils take up those services for themselves, with increasing charges to Households & Businesses.

These are services like Grass & Hedge cutting; providing & emptying Litter Bins; dealing with Fly Tipping, dumped cars & Supermarket Trollies, Graphiti; Repairing footpaths & car parks; Gritting of Paths, etc

These are the Services that keep our Communities safe, looking attractive, enjoyable, accessible, They have already cut facilities like Youth Services and Policing levels.

If ‘Local’ (Town & Parish) Councils chose to take these critical Services on, there will be no additional money for Counties or Government and they will have to increase their ‘Precept’ (the component of Council Tax / Rates that you pay towards them).

This is dramatic news and we are just beginning to hear about the impact of these cuts. It will lead to more dangerous, Local Communities of serious increases in Council Taxes of the level of 30% or more.

What is more, many County Council & Unitary Authorities will be selling off ‘our’ Community Assets, like the Community Building and Recreation areas we had helped develop to the highest commercial bidders.

This is the thin edge of the wedge and it is going to further affect the Services and Facilities provided to the Young, Old and Disabled.

Services and Facilities that Community Groups had originally developed that were taken on by County Councils.

This is very serious and the \Tories are bringing these cut in on the quiet, while pretending they are investing more. All they are doing is cutting one set of Services to increase the critical funding of others, hoping you will not notice.

It is essential that we all cooperate as individuals, Housing Associations, Youth & Community Groups, Voluntary Organisations and Local Traders, to ensure that we stop the gradual deterioration of our Towns and Villages.

We have to take back these resources where we can and need to rebuild those Community Services within the Charitable & Voluntary Sectors. In the future, we must resist them being taken over by Startory Authorities, who often distort their operation, make them very expensive and then fail to maintain them properly when funds are scarce.