White Horse, Cherhill, Lansdowne Monument, Wiltshire, England

Time for United Community Action.

Wiltshire Unitary Authority (Wiltshire Council) took on the responsibility for Managing many of the Community Resources of the previous District Councils, who had (in turn) taken on responsibility for many of the resources developed by Town & Parish Councils and many Voluntary Organisations.

Because they are having difficulties managing their Budget, Wiltshire has more recently closed done the critical Youth Services and left the Youth & Community Services fields & building in disuse. Now it is their intention to sell these pieces of Land and the Buildings to the highest bidder in the Commercial Market.

For this reason, I am seeking to get a Wiltshire Wide Campaign organised; involving any Resident Associations, Youth Groups, Community Groups, Voluntary Groups and any others interested in ensuring that the valuable & cherished Community Resources & Assets are retained for the use of by the People & Communities of Wiltshire.

We had been given just 6 months to take action, as Wiltshire then intended to sell these assets to the Highest Bidder. The clock has been ticking – We now have only weeks – Urgent Action Needed. This is my basic call to action.

Notice to All Wiltshire Communities:

Wiltshire Council has so badly managed its budgets that it is now selling off our Community Resources (that local Wiltshire people helped build up over the years). They are at risk of being sold off to the Highest Bidder on the Commercial Market in less than 6 months time.
Wiltshire Council very kindly says that you can buy them back at Market Prices; if you can provide a ‘Business Plan’. Now, are you just going to sit there and let them get away with selling off ‘YOUR’ assets; like the Green Fields, Wooded Walks and the Youth Services & other Community Land & Buildings?
If you are interested in joining a Wiltshire Wide Campaign & Petition, or you are currently engaged in a Campaign, or discussions with Wiltshire Council; concerning re-acquisition of these Community Facilities, please contact me:
Terry Couchman – Calne Town Councilor.
Email: terry-couchman@hotmail.com
Tel: 07910 173336

United We Stand – Divided We Fall.

Note: This post does not reflect the Policy of any Council or Community Agency I am involved with, but may affect them in various ways.

Contact your Wiltshire MP, your Wiltshire Councilor and seek the support of your Town & Parish Councilors. Details can be found on the Wiltshire Council Website: